Saturday, July 16, 2011

Snapshots - Adab Al Soujoun (The literature of the camps)

In 2004, I edited two documentaries for the program "Adab Al Soujoun" which was broadcast on Al Jazeera and produced by Hot Spot Films.
Both films dealt with literature written inside prison camps in Lebanon. The poetry and texts written inside the camps were an act of defiance against the Lebanese and Israeli forces who guarded them - papers and pens were not permitted inside the prisons at that time. In editing these films, I tried to reflect the courage and determination of those prisoners of war.

Although on the same subject, each film had a specific mood. As editor, I took care to listen to the characters difficult and profound experience, and to create moments of silence but also let the film's movement take its own space. They are, after all, films about resistance. I really was affected by their experiences and I tried to structure the images with a certain movement and a discomforting silence.

Camp Al Khiam

Camp Al Ansar

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Snapshots - Religious Societes

Snapshots from the four documentaries I edited for the program "Religious Societies" are available here

-Hindus (directed by Pierre Salloum)

-Mormons (directed by Pierre Salloum)

-Bahais (directed by Pierre Abou Jawdeh)

-Protestants (directed by Philip Bajjali)

These films, produced by Lebanon's Firehorse Productions, have a spiritual feel. They required a careful editorial balance that showed how we can inverse the degrees of insanity and spirituality to achieve the understanding of those religions. Editing them was also an informative experience for me: I learned that Kuwait has Protestants, Lebanon has Bahais and Jordan has Mormons.