Thursday, July 14, 2011

Snapshots - Religious Societes

Snapshots from the four documentaries I edited for the program "Religious Societies" are available here

-Hindus (directed by Pierre Salloum)

-Mormons (directed by Pierre Salloum)

-Bahais (directed by Pierre Abou Jawdeh)

-Protestants (directed by Philip Bajjali)

These films, produced by Lebanon's Firehorse Productions, have a spiritual feel. They required a careful editorial balance that showed how we can inverse the degrees of insanity and spirituality to achieve the understanding of those religions. Editing them was also an informative experience for me: I learned that Kuwait has Protestants, Lebanon has Bahais and Jordan has Mormons.


  1. well still waiting for your showreel! mabrouk Farah!!!!

  2. thank you Shezshe! Be a bit patient....